Pop's Oasis - Jean, Nev $1

Pop's Oasis - Jean, Nev $1
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  • Pop's Oasis, Jean, Nevada, $1 collectible vintage casino chip

  • circa 1964

  • Originally opened in 1941, Pops was an old stopover on Highway 91. They had a gas station and Motel, made of local sandstone. Slots were there from the start, but live gaming wasnt offered until 1964 when they expanded the property. They then had the grand total of two blackjack tables, and one poker table!

  • The town was named originally named Goodsprings Junction. But on June 28, 1905, postmaster George Arthur Fayle renamed it Jean, in honor of his wife.He also built the Pioneer Saloon in Goodsprings.

    Pop's Oasis Casino was the first casino in Jean. The Oasis closed in 1988. Chips and tokens from Pop's Oasis were poured into the foundation of the Nevada Landing. When the Nevada Landing was leveled in May 2008 these chips and tokens, some embedded in concrete, were found by collectors.

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